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Michelle Obama Election Night Dress Copy Sells Out In 2 Days: How Far Will The FLOTUS Effect Go? (PHOTOS)

Because the rest of the world responded with a resounding, "Um, YES."

We've seen the Michelle Obama effect in full force before -- not only did the Tracy Reese dress that she wore to this year's Democratic National Convention significantly boost the designer's sales, but people even raced to copy FLOTUS' gray manicure from the event. Uncanny attention to detail, huh?

But now it looks like the first lady trend wave has reached a significant milestone: people are now falling all over themselves to buy a tress that kinda, sorta looks like one that Michelle wore. To be exact, the in-demand frock is the purple Michael Kors one she wore the night President Obama was reelected.

British retailer Asda created a £20 version of the floral brocade number -- and by "version" we mean a dress that also happens to have brocade flowers but in red. "The Michelle," as the dress is called, was created in response to a poll conducted by the retailer that concluded that Michelle Obama was the "most impressive female dresser." Part of Asda's "Impress Dress" collection for the holidays, the look was launched just last week before it sold out in a mere two days, according to The Daily Mail. But while it's definitely something we could see Mrs. O wearing, it's not exactly a carbon copy of the original by any means.

The crazy thing is that election night isn't even the first time Mrs. O wore that outfit. She first took it for a spin in 2009 and then again in 2010, so she got plenty of mileage out of it before the look caught on.

So there you have it: people officially are totally cool with snagging a Michelle Obama homage-ish dress, as long as it has some resemblance to something she owns -- even if she first wore it 3 years beforehand and the one available for purchase is not by the same designer. Does the public's thirst for FLOTUS fashion have no limits?

Check out Michelle Obama's election night look and the dress it inspired below. Do you think they look similar enough to spark a shopping craze?

Michelle Obama's Michael Kors dress on election night:

michelle obama dress

"The Michelle" dress:

michelle obama dress

See more of Michelle Obama's covetable style! Any dresses you'd like a copy of?

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