Michelle Obama Vs. Ellen DeGeneres On Air Push-Up Contest

WATCH: Michelle vs. Ellen: Who Won The Push-Up Contest?

Just how fit is our First Lady? Watch her use those famous, enviably chiseled guns to best talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Both women, well into middle age (Obama is 48 and DeGeneres is 54), put up good numbers -- though Obama clearly took the lead, easily completing 25 push ups with perfect form and the stamina to keep going. The FLOTUS is also proficient in playfully talking smack. When DeGeneres asked for an opinion on who could do more push-ups, Obama replied: "It depends on how your back is -- I know you have these back issues."

For anyone who has followed the First Lady's efforts to improve physical fitness for Americans, none of this should be surprising: she was on "Ellen" to promote her "Let's Move" campaign. Previously, she broke the Guiness World Record for the most jumping jacks. For more FLOTUS fitness moments, check out Healthy Living's retrospective of Obama's 2011 athletic achievements here:

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