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The Disgusting Way Conservative Talk Show Hosts Talk About Michelle Obama's Body

Being a woman in this society pretty much means being constantly subjected to judgments about your body, but those judgments take on an entirely new pall when they are levied against the first lady.

Michelle Obama has championed campaigns for healthy eating and exercise, which of course means she should be criticized about what she eats and how she looks. Or at least that's what some talk show hosts seem to think.

The supercut above was compiled after a doctor on Fox News suggested that Obama should "drop a few pounds," a comment that was met with widespread criticism.

Newsflash, commentators: being thin doesn't mean you're healthy, being fat doesn't mean you couldn't run circles around someone smaller, and if the body is not yours, you probably shouldn't comment on it.

And women -- even first ladies -- are allowed to eat cheeseburgers.



  • Because FLOTUS can move...
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  • and she can get others moving.
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  • Because it's hard not to like a Salsa dancer...
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  • especially if they're dancing with Mario López.
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  • Because anyone can join in...
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  • and steal the First Lady's spotlight.
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  • Because not everyone can look this good in a Zumba class.
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  • Because this face says it all.
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  • Because it's just plain FUN!
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