Michelle Obama On George Clooney: 'He's Cute!' (VIDEO)

If we got the chance to sit and chat with First Lady Michelle Obama, we would, a. TOTALLY FREAK OUT, and b. ask her some hard-hitting questions about her biggest celebrity crushes.

But Nancy O'Dell of "Entertainment Tonight" beat us to it. O'Dell got to lob several fun questions at POTUS and FLOTUS in a charming new interview, asking about the president's Blackberry, his campaign bus and the tabloid media.

But she also inadvertently uncovered a wonderful FLOTUS nugget: Michelle's got a serious crush on George Clooney.

"George is a wonderful guy," says President Obama, when O'Dell asks about his relationship with the actor. Before he can even finish his sentence, Michelle interjects, "He's cute, too!"

There's a conspiracy afoot, FLOTUS says, where somehow she's busy with an event or meeting every time George comes to the White House. "Michelle is always frustrated because a lot of the events that George has been involved in, for some reason, she has something else going on," POTUS chuckles.

"He's a powerful man, too," laughs O'Dell. "And he's cute!" Michelle adds again. "I mean, I'm just saying. I've noticed. Just... factually. It's a fact." Cue Barack's nervous laughter.

We know a crush when we see it and this is a full-blown, write-his-name-in-your-notebook, draw-hearts-around-his-yearbook-picture, tape-his-J14-centerfold-to-your-wall celebrity crush. We've all been there before.

Except that when we harbor celebrity crushes these days, we generally admire their faces from afar, clicking through Tumblrs devoted to their existence and combing magazine racks for cover stories containing their names. Michelle Obama, on the other hand, gets to sit next to Clooney at dinner.

Under the watchful eye of Barack, of course.

Watch and squee at the video below.

She may crush on George... but her love for Barack is still going strong:

Obama PDA Moments!

(Via Jezebel)

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