Michelle Obama Is The 'Hugger-In-Chief'

First lady Michelle Obama is "the hugger-in-chief," according to White House photographer Pete Souza.

On Wednesday, Souza posted a series of photos on Medium.com, with an intro noting that Obama enjoys hugging almost anyone she meets.

"My staff and I have been photographing her since Inauguration Day, and as the following photographs clearly show, she’s been hugging people nonstop since Day 1," Souza wrote. "Whether it’s a school child, a family member in peril, a surprised tourist, or even a famous person, the First Lady greets them with a hug."

“I’ve always been a big hugger -- that’s just how I am -- and it’s always my first instinct when I meet someone,” Obama says in the post. “I think it puts folks at ease and shows them that while I might happen to have a fancy title, I’m just Michelle."

Below are some of the photos. Check out all of them here.



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