Michelle Obama 'iCarly' Episode Features FLOTUS Cracking Jokes (VIDEO)

We've known for a while that FLOTUS was set to pop up on Nickelodeon's "iCarly" -- and now we've got a new clip of Michelle O. charming us on the small screen.

In the new episode of hit teen show "iCarly," which the New York Daily News says is titled "iMeet the First Lady," Michelle Obama catches one of Carly's webcasts (she says she and her daughters are "big fans") and stops by to praise Carly for being supportive of her Air Force-enlisted father.

A clip of Michelle showing off her dance moves on the show hit the Internet back in November, but here's one with a little more plot involved. Michelle, wearing a black and white printed top and red pants, chats with Carly's crew of friends, who seem more than a little starstruck to see FLOTUS in person.

Our favorite joke: when the First Lady says that she and her husband talk to a lot of people with family in the military, Spencer grabs Mrs. O's shoulder and whispers dramatically, "Her husband is the PRESIDENT!"


"iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove told the AP recently that having the First Lady on the show made her jittery: "I've been doing the show for a long time and I usually don't get nervous, but having the first lady on the set, I was really nervous."

Watch the preview below! We can't wait for the ep to air on Jan. 16th.