Michelle Obama And Ina Garten Lunched At The White House, Proving Dreams Do Come True

Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait.

If the final week of election season has got you down, Michelle Obama and Ina Garten are here to cheer you up.  

Garten went to the White House last month to film a one-hour special, and the two icons shared a vegetable tart ― featuring veggies from the first lady’s famed garden ― and discussed the Obama family leaving the White House. 

“For me and for everybody that I know, we’re going to miss you deeply. I know it’s going to be wonderful for you, you’re going to do something wonderful going forward,” Garten tells Obama in a short clip of the special that “Entertainment Tonight” released this week. 

“I’m gonna come and eat at your house,” Obama replies. “So don’t be surprised.” 

Watch the clip above. 

Garten documented her visit to the White House on Instagram, where she posted a memorable shot with first dogs Bo and Sunny.

Just hanging with my new bffs outside the Oval Office #bo #sunny #omg

A photo posted by Ina Garten (@inagarten) on

Garten recently published her 10th cookbook, Cooking For Jeffrey. The book is a tribute to her husband, Jeffrey Garten, and their 50-year romance.

“We take care of each other,” she said of their relationship during an interview with Tina Fey at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last month. “We have a simple life. We don’t have dogs or cats or kids. We don’t have issues. It’s just about taking care of each other.

“Barefoot in Washington” is scheduled to air Saturday on the Food Network.



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