10 First Ladies And Their Charitable Causes (SLIDESHOW)

As Michelle Obama marks the one-year anniversary of her co-founding of Joining Forces, a national organization whose mission is to help military families, she underscores the long-heralded tradition of First Ladies highlighting the needs of -- and giving back to -- underserved populations.

Among its many empowerment initiatives, Joining Forces is working to find jobs for military spouses and is improving the education options for military children who are frequently on the move. Michelle Obama’s determination to improve the quality of life of veterans and their families follows in line with benevolent First Ladies who preceded her, including the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt who met with troops heading off to fight in World War II, and Hillary Clinton, who advocated for the rights of older unadopted children. Read our slideshow below to learn about other inspiring First Ladies who used their position to help those in need.


First Ladies' Charitable Causes
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