Michelle Obama Kiss Cam: First Lady Talks Missing The Kiss Cam On 'Tonight Show' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Why Michelle Obama Didn't Kiss Her Husband On 'Kiss Cam'

Usually kids are embarrassed when they see their parents kiss.

Not Malia Obama.

The oldest daughter of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle was embarrassed when her parents didn't smooch on the Kiss Cam at an exhibition game between the U.S. and Brazilian basketball teams in July.

The First Lady explained to Jay Leno on Monday that she had just arrived at the game when she and President Obama were put up on the big screen. The couple didn't even realize they were on the Kiss Cam -- which prompted the crowd to start booing.

"Malia came over after we were booed for not kissing, and she was just disgusted with us," the First Lady said.

The Obamas were given a second chance to smooch for the crowd, and Malia made sure to alert them that it was time to lock lips.

Check out the video above at 4:00 to see the explanation.

Click through the slideshow below to see photos of the President and First Lady on the Kiss Cam.

Obamas On The Kiss Cam!

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