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Michelle Obama May Run For The Senate In 2018

She has wit, grace, style, passion, and fierce intelligence.
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The rumors are rife in D.C.: Michelle Obama is being courted to run for the Senate and the DNC already has terrific bumper stickers printed up with her stirrring phrase "When they go low, we got high."

Should she do it? Should she run? There are at least twelve good reasons why:

She's dealt with unrelenting criticism as First Lady and kept her cool.

She has wit, grace, style, passion, and fierce intelligence.

She's met many world leaders and has a broad vision of America's challenges.

She's a people person and even Melania Trump admires her.


She's had almost eight years of watching how Washington works and knows the major players.

She's an excellent spokeswoman for whatever cause she's taken up.

She's a hoot on talk shows.

She can rock Stevie Wonder and Missy Elliott.

She's young, dynamic, and the Democrats need new blood in the party.

She would help build a female power base in a male-dominated house.

She gives an amazing, heartfelt speech.

She would change the dynamic in a place filled with fossils.

(that was a baker's dozen)

P.S.--updated 8/12

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