Michelle Obama On Ditching Her Bangs: 'It's Hard To Make Speeches With Hair In Your Face!'

Why Michelle Obama Finally Ditched Her Bangs

Michelle Obama's bangs swept across her forehead and into our lives this past winter. Now, just as quickly as they arrived, the bangs are nearly gone.

So why has FLOTUS decided to banish the haircut that had everyone talking? Speaking with Parade this week, the first lady explains, "You know, it's hard to make speeches with hair in your face!"

True that. Back in June, the first lady actually sparked Twitter backlash after her long bangs got in her face during a G8 Summit speech. (The hashtag #bangsfail was employed, natch.)

FLOTUS had already started sweeping her bangs to the side in May, five months after she first chopped them into a blunt fringe. At the time, she admitted that the growing-out process was "getting a little irritating."

Sure enough, by June, they were inspiring Twitter hate online and serious regret up in the White House (we can only assume). And so with the end of summer comes the end of FLOTUS' 2013 signature hairstyle.

So long, Michelle Obama's bangs. You will be missed.

In memoriam:

January 17

Michelle Obama's Bangs: A Love Story

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