Michelle Obama's Fox News Debut: First Lady To Talk Child Obesity With Huckabee

Michelle Obama On Fox News: Huckabee Has Michelle Obama on Fox

Michelle Obama is making her debut appearance on Fox News this coming Saturday, on Mike Huckabee's show 'Huckabee.' The former Republican presidential candidate wooed the first lady onto Fox to talk about her childhood obesity campaign, "let's move."

Huckabee is no stranger to battles with weight loss -- he considers himself a "recovering foodaholic," who lost 120 pounds over two years and wrote a book called 'Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork: A 12-Step Program to End Bad Habits and Begin a Healthy Lifestyle.' Huckabee told Washington Whispers that he "commends" Obama for taking on obesity, and added that "It is not a left/right, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican issue. This is an issue that falls beyond what I call the 'horizontal' issues of left and right and rises to the 'vertical' level of up or down."

The Fox News press release indicates that the two will also discuss other topics, including what life is like at the White House. Although this is the first lady's first appearance on the network, the president has been on Fox News a handful of times over the past several years.

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