Michelle Obama On 'Iron Chef America' (VIDEO): Use 'Anything From The White House Garden'

Michelle Obama On 'Iron Chef America' (VIDEO): Use 'Anything From The White House Garden'

The highly anticipated Iron Chef America "Super Chef Battle" finally took to the White House on Sunday night. Michelle Obama's hyped appearance, however, only clocked in at under two minutes of the two-hour cooking battle.

The First Lady, donning a challenge appropriate, carrot and green dress, dropped by to welcome the chefs and introduce the secret ingredient.

"My surprise today is that your secret ingredient is anything from the White House garden," Obama announced. "There is an abundance of just wonderful, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Take as much of it as you need."

With the point being to spread the word on Obama's campaign to promote organic, healthy eating for children, the challenge itself was never a big secret. Chefs Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Emeril Lagasse do, however, look genuinely surprised by its open-endedness. Flay tries to get a little more direction, pressing Obama to hint at one ingredient he should not pass up on.

"Sweet potatoes. We are sweet potato lovers-- especially the President," Obama emphasized.

WATCH Michelle Obama give the chefs their White House challenge:

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