Michelle Obama, Oprah Visit Copenhagen Opera House: Belles Of The Ball (PHOTOS)

First Lady Michelle Obama capped off her second day in Copenhagen by attending the opening ceremonies of the the 121st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session at the Copenhagen Opera House on Thursday night. She was with fellow Chicagoan Oprah Winfrey. The first lady wore a pumpkin colored dress while Oprah went for black ruffles.

See photos of what Michelle was wearing in Copenhagen on Wednesday and Thursday.

Scroll down for the pool report.


From the pool report, written by the Washington Post's fashion writer Robin Givhan:

Your pool was on hold on the second floor foyer of the Opera House at
5:20pm when guests began to arrive to the strains of a chamber

The setting, Copenhagen's Opera House, home to the Royal Danish
-- among several Royal Danish musical ensembles -- was glorious. The
building, with its central sphere-shaped auditorium, sits waterside.
were dramatically overcast skies with just a bit of early evening sun
glinting off the water. Boats sailed along the waterway and historic
buildings were visible in the distance.

Inside, small tables covered in white linen were sprinkled throughout
the only munchies your pooler could see were breadsticks. Where pray
were the canapes? Perhaps they arrived after your pool was ushered into

The delegations arrived and sat grouped together stage right. Oprah
- hair smooth and pulled off her face was dressed in black (sorry,
see the full frock) and seated to the right of Chicago mayor Richard
They were up front although not in the front row.

7:02 Lula is in the house -- President of Brazil, that is. Waves. Hugs.
Cameras focus on him.

Michelle Obama arrives in a pumpkin satin cocktail dress - full skirt,
sleeveless and with criss-crossing straps in the back. No, it is not a
evening in Copenhagen. But there is no weather in a motorcade. She sits
Oprah's right. No sign of Valerie Jarrett, but alas, your pooler does
have bionic eyes. So to recap: We have in a row, Daley, Oprah, Mrs.

We do not manage to eyeball other heads of state.

Ceremony begins with the Danish National Anthem and that is followed by
Olympic hymn.

Speeches ensue by various Olympic officials including IOC president
Rogge. Welcoming remarks from Danish prime minister Lars Lokke
who manages to merge athleticim with global warming - referencing the
upcoming summit on climate change that will take place in Copenhagen.

Then the dancing began. First up was the Jockey Dance by The Royal

Next was "Uncontaminated" a fabulously dramatic modern ballet performed
dancers in chocolate brown leotards and a perfectly exquisite lead

Next came a song about springtime in Denmark. Then more classical

The Danish National Girls Choir sings "Plant a Tree." The song is all
uplift and what the individual can do to make the world a better place.
psychedelic tree grows on a video screen behind the girls who end their
song by posing like trees.

The Youth Ballet of the Royal Danish Theater performs -- ballet, hiphop,
jazz -- and exude much youthful vigor and underscore a message that the
youth are our future. Much charm oozed across the stage.

The evening ends with a George Balanchine ballet "Symphony in C." It was
performed by the Royal Danish Ballet. Music by Bizet.

Your pool was hustled through the mingling and eating dignitaries. (The
food arrived!!!) A Frank Sinatra song "The Lady is a Tramp" is being
crooned as we make our exit.

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