Michelle Obama Is Giving Us Major Vacation Envy In French Polynesia

This looks like the best vacation ever.

Michelle Obama will make a highly anticipated return to public life later this month. But first, there’s paddleboarding to do in the South Pacific.

Since leaving the White House, the Obamas have appeared to be moving on just fine from their breakup with America. There was the vacation with Richard Branson, the kitesurfing challenge, the power lunch with Bono and now, an envy-inducing visit to the French Polynesian island of Mo’orea.

Barack Obama has been “holed up” since mid-March at The Brando, a luxury resort on nearby Tetiaora, a private island once owned by Marlon Brando. He’s reportedly spent that time working on his portion of the $60 million book deal the couple struck up in February.

Michelle Obama flew into Tahiti to join her husband on Saturday, according to French Polynesian news station TNTV. On Sunday, the couple swam and paddleboarded in Mo’orea in water as blue as our hearts.

We suspect they’ll be heading back to the U.S. soon. The former president is just about at the one-month mark of his month-long trip, and Michelle Obama is slated to appear at an architecture conference in Florida on April 27.

As much as we’d look at photos of these two enjoying water sports all day, we’re also ready for them to come home already. The vacation envy is killing us.