Michelle Obama Reaches Out To Military Families

MOMocrat Stephanie had the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama at a campaign event for military families on Wednesday.

Yesterday was an Obama day for me.

As some of my regular readers know, I was originally an Edwards supporter. I switched my loyalty to Barack Obama only days before the Virginia primary. Since that time, as I've gotten to know more about Barack and Michelle Obama, their backgrounds and policies, I've grown to like Barack, and what he stands for, more and more.

I've written recently about the disparity between Senator McCain's vocal support for veterans and military issues and his abysmal record when faced with legislation that might actually back up his empty words. In contrast, Obama's voting record shows clear support for the military. Still, I've wanted to hear more about how Obama intends to bolster our flagging military and morale. Yesterday, I had the chance.

I had the opportunity to meet Michelle Obama at an invitation only event for the spouses of active duty and retired military members.

After some inspiring remarks by Congressional candidate Glenn Nye, Michelle participated in a round table discussing the issues facing military families today. The roundtable featured Claudia Kennedy (a retired 3 star general), Bud Buccha (a Medal of Honor winner and Obama campaign adviser), Virginia Delegate Joe Bouchard (a retired Navy Captain), Stephanie Schiffman Marushia (a military wife and disabled veteran), Beth Robinson (a Marine Corps officer's wife who is living with MS), Amanda McBreen (wife of a Marine Corps officer and activist for Blue Star Families for Obama), Elaine Guishard (Navy wife and breast cancer survivor) , Sandra Stockard (wife of a retired Navy man and mother of a Navy daughter), and Tammy Linton (Air Force wife).

Michelle ... I'm sorry, I have to call her Michelle. Calling her Mrs. or Ms. Obama seems too impersonal for such a warm woman. Michelle showed a deep understanding for the struggles of military members and their families, despite some local concerns that she couldn't possibly understand where we're coming from. (You know, being an "elitist ivy leaguer" and all.)

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