Democrats And Republicans Agree: Michelle Obama Absolutely Nailed It

Stirring speech draws praise from across the political spectrum.

When the Democratic National Convention opened on Monday to a chorus of boos from Bernie Sanders supporters, much of the attention focused on what the runner-up for the nomination would say to calm his faithful following.

But someone else stole the show.

First Lady Michelle Obama won praise for giving a stirring and optimistic speech in which she managed to attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump without once mentioning his name.

Praise for the speech came from across the political spectrum:

John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary and speechwriter for presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, sent out a series of tweets praising both the first lady and the writer of her speech:

A former president seemed to enjoy her speech:

But nothing will top the very personal reaction from a certain other president:

President Obama is scheduled to deliver his own speech in support of Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night.

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