President Obama: 'You Do Not Want To Be Between Michelle And A Tamale' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The First Couple stepped out to the East Room on Thursday night for a Cinco de Mayo reception -- and some jokes.

From President Obama's remarks:

I asked Michelle the other day, I said, what's your favorite food -- because we were sitting around with the girls. She said, oh, Mexican food. That's -- (applause.) You do not want to be between Michelle and a tamale. (Laughter.) That is true. That's true. But she's moving, though, so she can afford to have as many tamales as she wants. (Laughter and applause.)

And moving, Michelle has been. Did you happen to catch that video of the first lady doing "The Dougie" on Tuesday? She did the briefest of versions for attendees after Barack's quip. So, there.

For the occasion, FLOTUS donned a green, striped sheath with a bow at the shoulder, paired with a belt, bangles and hoop earrings.

Take a look at photos and scroll down for video. Skip to 3:12 to check out the tamale tease.