Michelle Obama Tangos In A Magnificent Metallic Dress


The Obamas continued their tour of Argentina Wednesday and with it, the world continued to swoon over Michelle's many outfit changes.

The first lady knocked it out of the park (again) for a dinner with Argentina's President Mauricio Macri and first lady Juliana Awada. Clad in a metallic sleeveless dress with what appears to be -- you guessed it! -- an embroidered floral pattern, she paired the look with drop earrings and a sideswept updo.

Posing for photos, the two couples looked as though they coordinated outfits for the event, with Awada in a silver, lacy dress the same length as Michelle's, and both men in blue suits.

The Obamas have attended many formal dinners over the course of his presidency, but it's not every day they're also invited to get up and participate in a dance number during the meal.

After watching two professional dancers perform, the couple were (reluctantly) taken to the dance floor to do a bit of Argentine tango themselves.

Unsurprisingly, FLOTUS looked a bit more comfortable on the dance floor than her husband, but we'd say they both held their own just fine.

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