Michelle Obama Woos Latino Voters, Talks Immigration (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama, who has a higher approval rating than her husband, is working hard to convince Latino voters that he is the man for the job. Last week, the First Lady held a conversation with Latina mothers, and this week, she's sat down with one of Univision's leading ladies, Maria Elena Salinas, to talk about immigration.

She addressed some of the biggest questions on the minds of Latino voters: Why did the Obama administration deport more undocumented immigrants than any president prior? And why were so many families split up because of these deportations?

The First Lady, who has always advocated a strong family unit, answered for her husband.

“There is nothing more critical than keeping families together and that is why Barack has been fighting so hard for comprehensive immigration reform,” she said. “For the shear fact that we cannot continue to let families be broken apart. That is at the heart of the success of any community -- thriving families being able to stay together.”

She then turned the focus away from Obama's record-setting deportation numbers, and onto his actions that have been received more favorably by many Latino voters.

Last month, Obama announced that he would halt the deportations of some undocumented youth, and also issue them work permits. A Latino Decisions poll released Wednesday show an uptick in Latino voter support after the announcement.

"Progress has been made around the DREAM Act, to make sure kids who have come to this country who have lived in this country, are not at risk of being deported for the status of their parents," she noted.



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