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Michelle Obama On 'The View': First Lady Talks Relationship With Jill Biden, Malia's First Party (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden sat down with the women of "The View" on Monday to talk about their Joining Forces initiative, but first things first, they discussed each other and their families.

The First Lady confessed that she and Jill have been buddies from the get-go, remarking, "Jill is cool. It was pretty instant. I mean, the Biden family, they're real people. That's what Barack and I both said. Our families clicked." She added, "That first night, election night in Chicago, all the families were backstage and it was this rare night in Chicago when it was November and it was 70 degrees, which was odd and we were outside and everybody was playing and the kids connected and Jill and I just clicked. She's funny. She puts up with my silliness."

They moved on to offer advice on dealing with young girls. The Second Lady said, "I think all you can do is hold them close and support them and be nonjudgmental as my mother was."

Michelle revealed, "We do a lot of talking. Sometimes it's too much. After our...military families tour, I came in, it was 10:30 at night, we were beat, we did four cities in two days, and Malia's like, 'Ma, I need to talk to you.' And it was 10:30 and we talked. And we talked, and we talked. We talked about makeup, actually."

When asked how President Obama is handling the girls growing up, Michelle laughed, "He says he's cool, but you know," and shook her head. She said, "The first time Malia went out for a party and she was dressed, she had her hair done and she's tall, she had on a pretty dress, you could see him, he was sort of like...gulp. And I was like, 'Easy dad.'"


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