Michelle Obama's Clothing Has Sean Hannity All Out Of Sorts

Seriously, y'all? What is Michelle Obama thinking, going on this important overseas visit to meet the Queen of England and other world leaders dressed as if she wanted to make some sort of good impression? Surely she should have swaddled herself in Council Flat gladrags or the sort of tunics preferred by the ancient Picts kept at bay behind Hadrian's Wall or something? That's Sean Hannity's argument, anyway! He's just all burnt up with THE POPULIST RAGE that Michelle Obama could dare dress her best "in the midst of an economic slowdown."

What did "hope" mean to Michelle Obama? Hannity says it was the "hope" that "get all these great designer clothes and that everyone will report on it and call me, you know, Jackie Kennedy." And, hey, maybe that's true! It's still preferable to "getting all these great designer clothes" and having "everyone report on it" that all $180,000 worth ended up stuffed in trashbags at the RNC.


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