Michelle Obama's Mexico Bracelets: Eco-Friendly And Sustainable (PHOTOS)

Michelle Obama's Mexico Bracelets: Eco-Friendly And Sustainable (PHOTOS)

The bracelets and bangles that First Lady Michelle Obama wore upon her arrival in Mexico last week were actually eco-friendly, sustainable jewels made by Monique Pean. According to this dish is veg:

Pean's pieces--considered "wearable art"--are created from 100% recycled gold supporting her belief that jewelry producers should reduce the demand for "dirty mining" of precious metals. Additionally each gem stone used in her creations was obtained through free-trade and are devastation and conflict free.

Pean donates ten percent of her profits to provide clean water wells in developing countries or to support Alaska Native art.



Michelle also wore a necklace by Pean with a white suit later last week:


The necklace is made from found fossilized woolly mammoth ivory.

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