Michelle Obama's Thoughts On Aging Are Just SO Right

Fabulously inspiring.

In 2008, Michelle Obama made history not only by becoming the first black First Lady, but also by becoming the youngest person to hold that title since Jackie Kennedy.

But getting older is clearly not something that bothers the 52-year-old mother of two.

At this week's SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas, Obama revealed her thoughts on aging: "You talk about your 30s being good? Your 50s -- wooo! Phenomenal. I plan to go into my 60s blazing. Blazing! And trying to be as fly and as healthy as I can. Remember that 106-year-old woman, Ms. McLaurin, who was dancing with us? I told her, 'I want to be just like you! 106 and movin’ and groovin’!'”

Obama has talked about embracing her age before. While some women may dread the midcentury milestone, Obama told Parade magazine in 2013 that she'd never felt more confident as a woman when asked about approaching the big 5-0. "I want to be this really fly 80-, 90-year-old," she said at the time.

But her relaxed attitude on aging didn't stop her from going through a bit of a midlife crisis, which took the form of a dramatic new haircut about a year before she turned 50 on Jan. 17, 2014.

"I can't buy a sports car. I can't bungee jump. Can't skydive, so might as well cut your bangs, right?" she joked in an interview with Rachael Ray in 2013.

That's the kind of midlife crisis we'd all love to have. Here's to hoping the First Lady inspires us for at least another few decades.

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