Michelle Parker Video Released By Police; Mother Went Missing After 'People's Court' Appearance (VIDEO)

Police have released video footage of mother Michelle Parker taken on the day she went missing.

The video shows Parker on Nov. 17 at a KFC restaurant in Casselberry, Fla., three hours before she dropped her kids off at the house of her ex-fiance Dale Smith, a suspect in the disappearance.

Though police say the video has already been scrutinized for clues into Parker's possible whereabouts, they released the video on her 34th birthday to keep her name in the headlines as the search for the mother of three continues.

Last Friday, Parker's family celebrated her birthday in Orlando.

Brad Parker, Michelle's father, told WKMG he's hopeful his daughter will be found.

"I hope we find Michelle, it'd be a good birthday present," Parker told the station. "Every time the phone rings, I think she's coming home or they found her."

Parker was last seen by Smith on the day an episode of the "People's Court" aired in which Parker and Smith argued about an engagement ring she lost.

Orlando police, made Smith the only suspect in the case, saying he had been violent towards her in the past.

A previous version of this story misidentified Dale Smith as Michelle Parker's ex-husband.

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