Michelle Pfeiffer Talks Her Younger And Younger Leading Men

Michelle Pfeiffer may be nearing her mid-50s, but that doesn't mean she can't cozy up to a co-star half her age. One of her latest roles, in the star-packed "New Year's Eve," put her opposite 24-year-old Zac Efron.

"They get younger and younger. I went from Ashton [Kutcher] to Rupert [Friend] to Zac Efron in 'New Year’s Eve,'" Pfeiffer tells Parade magazine in their newest issue. "If I keep on like this, I’m going to get into X-rated material! Well, that’s what happens with men and their leading ladies, right? I was acting in 'The Russia House' opposite Sean Connery when he was turning 60. [Pfeiffer was 32.]"

Though Pfeiffer may feel uneasy about the progression of her co-stars, Zac Efron was more than happy to lock lips with the blond beauty.

“Those things are best to do spontaneous," Efron told "Access Hollywood" of their on-screen kiss. "Have fun and be in the moment. I definitely thought about how it was going to go down. In my mind, the way I pictured it, it was going to be perfect, very romantic, very leading man."

But don't get any ideas of an on-screen romance turned off-screen Mrs. Robinson love affair. The "Dark Shadows" actress' longtime marriage to TV writer-producer David E. Kelley nearly rivals the age of some of her on-screen counterparts.

"I chose really well with David," she tells Parade. "I got really lucky … And 19 years later, I never take him for granted. I’ve never met a person who has more integrity than my husband. I respect that. There’s his humor and intelligence, too, and he’s really cute, all those things—but if you don’t respect your partner, you’ll get sick of him."

And soon, with her youngest child heading to college, it will once again just be Pfeiffer and Kelley.

"My son is applying to colleges now ... I feel like I’m going to cry just thinking about it. [pause] Are you hot? I am. Or am I having a big hot flash? Did I really just say that? That will be a headline; I can see it."



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