Michelle Pfeiffer: How I Landed 'Scarface' (VIDEO)

Michelle Pfeiffer: How I Landed 'Scarface' (VIDEO)

Michelle Pfeiffer told David Letterman how she landed her role in 'Scarface' by making Al Pacino bleed.

Appearing on 'Late Night' Tuesday night to promote 'Cheri,' Pfeiffer said that Al Pacino already didn't want her cast in the role of Elvira when she was asked to screen test.

Shooting an argument scene where she clears a table of dishes, Pfeiffer finished the take and saw blood everywhere. As the crew rushed her to see where she'd been cut, she looked up and realized it was Pacino who was bleeding, thanks to her gestures and dish throwing.

And that's when, she says, Pacino's affection towards her turned and she got the job.

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