Michelle Phan's Top 10 Must-See Makeup Transformation Videos

Phan's jaw-dropping tutorials embody the power of makeup.

In the vast world of YouTube, Michelle Phan is one of the brightest stars.

Once a struggling art school student, she parlayed her makeup tutorials (which are focused on topics ranging from the basic smoky eye to kitty litter face masks) into a profitable beauty career with over 8 million YouTube subscribers. Phan went on to launch her own cosmetics line, Em with L’Oréal (which her subscription-based company Ipsy bought back), and she recently partnered with Dutch production company Endemol Beyond to create an international lifestyle network called Icon.

Business is booming for the young mogul and she shares plenty of career and life advice in her "Pillow Talk" series. But, we recall a time when her popular YouTube channel was mostly videos of Phan morphing into Japanese animé characters, Disney princesses and Hollywood stars. It's pretty amazing what she accomplished with a little makeup, a camera and a laptop.

Watch 10 of her most astonishing makeup transformation tutorials below!

Daenerys Targaryen ("Game of Thrones")
Angelina Jolie
Sailor Moon
Taylor Swift ("Red")
Forest Fairy
Princess Jasmine
Black Swan
K-Pop Star
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