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Michelle White Gets 15 Years For Robbing White Castle With Water Gun (VIDEO)

Use a gun, go to jail. Even a water gun.

Michelle White was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday for robbing a White Castle with a water pistol.

Prosecutors said White, 33, drove to the burger joint, handed a threatening note to an employee, while brandishing a plastic pistol, according to KWGN-TV.

When the employees ran to the back of the restaurant, White squeezed through the drive-thru window and stole more than $600,” Asst. Circuit Attorney Melissa Giliam told KTVI-TV.

A customer saw the crime, wrote down White's license plate, and called police, Geobeats reported.

Police converged on White's home and she reacted by climbing on the roof and jumping, fracturing an arm, a leg and her pelvis in the process, according to KMOX-TV.

The type of water gun used in the crime has not been reported.

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