Michelle Williams And Carey Mulligan Are Total Style Twins (PHOTOS)

Seeing Double?

Carey Mulligan is a seasoned actress who has starred in critically acclaimed movies hits like "Drive," "Shame" and most recently "The Great Gatsby." Although she is recognized for her talent on the big screen, she is also known as the British Michelle Williams. Not only do the pair share an uncanny resemblance (blonde pixie cuts, fair complexions and similar builds), but it's as if the duo share closets, too.

In celebration of Mulligan's 28th birthday (on May 28), we are taking a look at her best ensembles to date -- and not surprisingly, for every moment Mulligan had, Williams had an equally stylish outfit. Check out these two style twins who were clearly separated at birth:

Believe it or not, they're not related.
michelle williams carey mulligan

But we think they may share stylists.
michelle williams carey mulligan

And modeling coaches.
michelle williams carey mulligan

And hair dressers.
michelle williams carey mulligan

And a fondess for black sunnies, leather jackets and ballet flats.
michelle williams carey mulligan

Forget it, they're the same person.
michelle williams carey mulligan

More looks from Carey Mulligan:

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