Michelle Wolf: Bill Clinton Owes Monica Lewinsky An 'Oral Apology'

“If someone goes down on you, you go down on them. Standard double down rules," the comedian said.

Earlier this week, former President Bill Clinton came under fire when he admitted he still hasn’t apologized to Monica Lewinsky for their inappropriate sexual relationship when she was a White House intern.

However, comedian Michelle Wolf has come up with a solution to settle what she says is the real issue: the former president’s selfish behavior during his extramarital encounters with Lewinsky.

Wolf offered her idea on her Netflix show “The Break,” and it’s sure to have tongues wagging.

“People can debate what kind of apology Bill owes Monica, but one thing he owes her for sure: oral,” Wolf said. “If someone goes down on you, you go down on them. Standard double down rules.”

Although Clinton was impeached for the scandal, Wolf noted that he didn’t get punished for his failure to orally reciprocate, which she called “the most egregious thing he did.”

She added:

“This should have infuriated women. The connection is so clear to me. The enthusiasm a man shows for cunnilingus is directly proportional to his commitment to public service.”

You can see Wolf lay down the reasons why Clinton should give Lewinsky an “oral apology” in the clip below.



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