Michelle Yeoh Breaks Down In Tears: This Role Is 'Something I've Been Waiting For'

"Finally, somebody understood that I can do all these things," the actor said about her role in "Everything Everywhere All At Once."

Screen icon Michelle Yeoh broke down in tears as she recalled reading the script for her trippy new film “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

“When I read the script, I thought, ‘This is something,’” she told GQ, then had to pause to collect herself before finishing the thought:

“This is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time that’s going to give me the opportunity to show my fans, my family, my audience what I’m capable of,” she said. “To be funny. To be real. To be sad. Finally, somebody understood that I can do all these things.”

The critics agree. “Everything Everywhere All At Once,” written and directed by a duo known as Daniels, is enjoying nearly universal acclaim, with a 97 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yeoh’s performance in particular has been singled out, with both Variety and Vanity Fair saying she could earn her first Oscar nomination.

See her full interview with GQ from earlier this month, in which she breaks down her most memorable roles, below:

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