Michigan BANS Four Loko

Michigan has become the first state to outright ban alcoholic energy drink Four Loko.

The MSU State News has more:

Manufacturers have 30 days from Thursday to get rid of the products -- those containing not only alcohol, but caffeine and occasionally other energy additives like guarana and taurine -- from Michigan markets, commission spokeswoman Andrea Miller said. Consumers still will be able to possess the drink, since the commission does not have control on out-of-state transactions, but it cannot be purchased in the state, she said.

The commission decided to ban the substance because of multiple recent news reports about the dangers and consequences of the drinks, Miller said.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Chicago City Council has also brought up banning on the drink, and that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Commission told the state's licensed vendors to cease sales of it.

Other colleges, including Ramapo College, the University of Rhode Island and Central Washington University have prohibited the drink on campus.

The drink, which has the alcohol content of six light beers and as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, has been blamed for the hospitalization of nine students in Washington.