Michigan Hands Rivalry Game To MSU With Last-Second Fumble

Always take care of the football.

It's another loss for University of Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, and this one's heartbreaking.

In the final seconds of the fourth quarter Saturday, Michigan punter Blake O'Neill fumbled the football on a blown snap, which ended up in the hands of Michigan State University's Jalen Watts-Jackson for a 38-yard touchdown.

It put Michigan State on top, 27-23, as the clock struck zero, handing another sad loss to Harbaugh's new team. And at home! The game-changing play was the first time Michigan State took the lead the entire game.

It wasn't just a shock for fans, but for Harbaugh, who returned to save his alma mater after a disappointing season in San Francisco. Today marks his Wolverines' second loss. Poor guy.

Oh, and BONUS FOOTAGE: A Michigan fan flipped off the camera at one point.