Michigan Shooting: Robert Poore Saved From Gunshot To Head By Titanium Plate In Nose (VIDEO)


Amid Rodrick Shonte Dantzler's deadly rampage in Michigan Thursday that left seven people dead comes one miraculous story:

A man shot in the face says his life was saved by the titanium plate in his nose.

On Thursday afternoon, Robert Poore and his cousin, Harold Taylor, were stuck in a traffic jam in Grand Rapids when they noticed erratic behavior from the drivers of a Lincoln Town Car, a minivan, and a Lincoln Navigator.

The traffic jam cleared and Poore continued to drive, but at the top of a hill, the Town Car pinned their green pickup truck against another truck.

"As soon as we take a right on Grandville, the car stood beside us and pinned us against the truck and then he [Dantzler] raised his gun and started shooting at our truck and my cousin threw my head down," Taylor said. "I tried to get up to see the license and as soon as I did that I seen his eyes while he was shooting, non-stop."

The gunman shot Poore in the nose but a titanium plate that had been installed as part of a childhood cancer treatment caused the bullet to ricochet, resulting only in minor injuries. Poore went to the hospital but was released later in the day.

Poore and Taylor were able to pick out the gunman in pictures police presented to them.

In addition to the seven victims, Dantzler would turn the gun on himself and take his own life.

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