Michigan State Gets Mercilessly Mocked After Their Historic Defeat

The Michael Jordan crying meme dominated the Spartans.

Everyone's bracket is ruined. Middle Tennesse State became the first team to submit their "Cinderella" credentials to the 2016 NCAA Tournament on Friday when they upset No. 2 Michigan State 90-81. Middle Tennessee State, a No. 15 seed, is the first 15-seed to upset a 2-seed since 2013, and only the eighth 15-seed first-round upset in March Madness history.  

Basically, everyone's bracket now looks like this:

Bleacher Report claims that 64.8 percent of brackets had Michigan State in their Final Four, while ESPN reported that 22.3 percent of brackets pegged the Spartans to win the whole damn thing. R.I.P. to those brackets. 

Following their unexpected, shocking defeat, Michigan State got dragged through the mud on Twitter. Naturally, the Internet's favorite sports meme, the Michael Jordan Crying Face, was the first thing social media lovers tossed onto Michigan State's short-lived tournament run. The Photoshop use was relentless: 

Still confused as to how a Tom Izzo-led Michigan State could possibly bomb out of the round of 64? The Internet is, too. 

Are you not entertained?!  



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