Mick Hayes “Hard To Explain”

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Mick Hayes

New York singer/songwriter Mick Hayes is looking to bring rock n’ roll back to its soulful beginnings in a big way; continually evoking a classic sound more akin to 70s R&B in a seemingly effortless blend of rock and soul, Hayes’s sound is at once nostalgic and fresh, and a welcome change. From his arena rock guitar style to his sensual yet commanding lead vocals, Mick’s music transcends today’s boundaries.

Today we have the pleasure of teaming with the New York based artist to premiere the official music video for his newest single, “Hard 2 Explain.”

Says Hayes regarding the single’s theme:

“The lyrical story behind HARD 2 EXPLAIN is actually quite easy to explain for anyone who has been through those circumstances before. Your heart is committed, but you are suspicious nonetheless. “

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