Mick Jagger Nails The Problem With Anti-Vaxxers: 'Rational Thought Doesn't Work'

The Rolling Stones frontman speaks out after dropping the surprise new single, "Eazy Sleazy," with Dave Grohl.

Rock legend Mick Jagger dropped a surprise new single with Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters on Tuesday that rips into conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers.

In “Eazy Sleazy,” the Rolling Stones frontman belts out:

Shooting the vaccine
Bill Gates is in my bloodstream
It’s mind control
The Earth is flat and cold
It’s never warming up
The Arctic’s turned to slush
The second coming’s late
There’s aliens in the deep state

Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine that the verse was “a piss-take on conspiracy theories” and lit into anti-vaxxers as “irrational.”

“Of course, there’s no point in speaking to people about it. They don’t get it,” he said. “They got what they believe in and they believe in that. And it doesn’t matter what you say, they’re gonna believe in it. And rational thought doesn’t work.”

Jagger noted that he himself was vaccinated.

On his YouTube page, Jagger said that he hopes the new song delivers some “much-needed optimism” while waiting for an end to the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He also wrote that Grohl plays guitar, drums and bass on the track:

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