Mick Jagger 'SNL' Promos: Rocker Joins Kristen Wiig For Season Finale Preview (VIDEO)

Mick Jagger is hosting "Saturday Night Live" for the very first time this weekend, and based on promos just released, he appears to go all in for the 37th season finale of the NBC comedy show.

The Rolling Stones frontman goofed around with Kristen Wiig, who, if rumors are true, may see this episode as her last "SNL" ever. Wiig lets Jagger know how excited she has been to work with the rock legends -- until she ventures into some areas that Mick maybe would just as soon she didn't remind him about.

"I grew up on you," Wiig tells Jagger to his flattery. "You taught me so much about music. And you taught me so much about using drugs. I mean, so many drugs."

But perhaps that's not exactly the legacy that Jagger wishes to keep. "And I also learned so much about sex," Kristen told him, before rattling off the various sexual acts that Wiig learned from the rock star.

He also revealed that he may be an Australian performance artist who loves kissing kangaroos. We're excited what else "SNL" has in store with the English musician, who has been on the show as the musical guest in the past, but never as the host. He'll be joined by the Foo Fighters, Arcade Fire and Jeff Beck in the episode.