More Of Mick Mulvaney's Anti-Trump Comments Come Back To Haunt Him

The acting White House chief of staff previously said neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton would "be a role model for my 16-year-old triplets."

Mick Mulvaney’s first task as acting White House chief of staff may be to rebuild some bridges with President Donald Trump.

That may be necessary following the resurfacing this week of yet more derogatory comments that Mulvaney, who replaces John Kelly in the role, previously made about Trump.

CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday aired audio from October 2016 in which Mulvaney said neither Trump nor his Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton would “be a role model for my 16-year-old triplets.”

Check out the audio here:

“In an ordinary universe, would both of these people’s past activities disqualify them from serving for office? Yes,” Mulvaney told “The Jonathon and Kelly Show” podcast, per CNN.

“But that’s not the world we live in today. The world we live in today, it’s either him or her and for me that’s still an easy choice,” he added, throwing his support behind Trump.

A similarly derogatory comment by Mulvaney from a 2016 debate in York, South Carolina, re-emerged last week.

“Yes, I am supporting Donald Trump but I’m doing so as enthusiastically as I can, given the fact that I think he’s a terrible human being, but the choice on the other side is just as bad,” Mulvaney said in a debate before the presidential election.

He also called Trump and Clinton “perhaps two of the most flawed human beings running for president in the history of the country.”

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