Mickey Kaus: John Edwards' Confession Is "Textbook PR Timing"

From the beginning Mickey Kaus was one of the few voices in the media to continually cover the Edwards affair story while almost every outlet remained quiet.

As the news broke that Edwards had confirmed his affair, Kaus, in a post entitled "Edwards: 'I Lied. It's Friday. Can I Go to Denver Now?'", noted both the "textbook PR timing" of his announcement and also the questions that remain about the Enquirer's coverage of Edwards' affair:

Look again at the Enquirer's photo of Edwards holding a baby in front of the Hilton's telltale drapes. Edwards is wearing a sweaty blue t-shirt. But the Enquirer reported that on the night they ambushed him, he was at least initially wearing a "blue dress shirt." One possible explanation for the discrepancy: he visited her and the baby at the hotel more than once, and the photo is from an earlier visit. ... Just speculating! ... But if you read the Enquirer's accompanying text closely, they don't say the photo was taken on the same day they ambushed him, only at the same hotel. ... If this theory is right, Edwards has even more explaining to do than it initially seems.

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