Alabama Man On The Lam Insists He Didn't Give Meth To 'Attack Squirrel'

Mickey Paulk, currently wanted on gun and drug charges, said on Facebook that he's "pretty sure” the squirrel in his care was not on meth.

An Alabama man wanted by police has posted a Facebook video to deny giving meth to a squirrel that authorities discovered at his former residence.

Mickey Paulk proclaimed his innocence on Tuesday in a video that featured a squirrel, though it’s unclear whether it’s the same animal the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office described as an “attack squirrel” when they served a search warrant on Paulk’s former residence Monday.

Paulk wasn’t there, but officers did find the squirrel, plus meth, drug paraphernalia, ammunition and body armor, on the premises. The sheriff’s office claimed that Paulk had fed the animal meth to make it aggressive, citing unnamed sources.

Although authorities released the allegedly methed-out mammal into the wild, Paulk’s video seemed to imply he had reunited with the critter.

“They said it was a trained attack squirrel in a residence that was on meth,” Paulk said. “You can’t give squirrels meth; it would kill them. I’m pretty sure, but I’ve never tried it.”

The 35-year-old is currently wanted on charges of possession of a controlled substance, certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He said the squirrel is just over 10 months old and is “an asshole, he’s a mean motherfucker.”

However, Paulk insisted the animal is “not a trained attack squirrel, and he’s not on meth, I’m pretty sure.”

He added:

“I better not find out he’s on meth, anyway. I don’t think he likes that shit ... The squirrel is safe. The public isn’t in danger in any way from the methed-out squirrel in the neighborhood.”

Paulk claimed the attack squirrel story was fabricated by police who were “mad” because he wasn’t at the home when they served the warrant.

He said he no longer lived at the residence, but admitted he still has stuff there.

Paulk also assured “the animal lovers out there” that the squirrel is doing well, even though it is illegal to keep one as a pet.

“Look at the camera, look at the camera; don’t squeak at me,” Paulk told the animal on camera.


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