Mico Headphones By Neurowear Read Minds And Choose Music Based On Mood

These Headphones Read Your Mind, Choose Music For Your Mood

Ever wished your music player just knew you needed a Carly Rae Jepsen pick-me-up? Fortunately for you, the Japanese company behind a pair of mind-reading cat ears has your back.

Neurowear announced earlier this month that it's developing a pair of headphones with an electroencephalography-enabled sensor -- that is, a sensor that can read brain waves. The headphones and the sensor read your mind and, in tandem with an iPhone app, play music suited to your mood. The Mico video demonstration promises "music inspiration from your subconsciousness." But will Mico really be as nifty as that sounds?

Well…sort of. Like with Necomimi, the cat ears that wave in sync with your mood, the EEG technology used in the headphones can only sense three moods -- focused, drowsy and stressed. So the headphones won't be reading your mind and choosing your music on a granular level. All of the neural input comes from a sensor pressed to your forehead, which can be disrupted by fast walking or a stray hair. So unless you're willing to duct tape the device to your head, these aren't exactly the headphones to take for a quick jog.

Still, unlike Neurowear's Necomimi and tail-wagging Shippo, Mico may be a practical way of using EEG technology. After all, even if there are only three settings, having headphones that can read your mind and adjust your music is extraordinary.

Check out the video demo below.

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