Micro Managing Other People's Problems, Is It A Funnel for Change to Emerge?

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

Do you wear the weight of the world on your shoulders like a garment? Have you no release from expectations in the sight of others? Know, that now is the time to Micro Managing Other People's Problems, Is It A Funnel for Change to Emerge?

Often times as kind-hearted people, we desire the opportunity to impact the lives of others for the better. However, instead of leaving a lasting impression for people to live by, they slowly leave their problems with us to fix. This causes them to never experience inner growth or personal development. While placing us in a constant cycle of anxiety, and even depression. No More!

So how do you break this yolk from your shoulders? Change your inner vision and your outer participation. Start with the way you see people and gain a clear vision for their lives with an achievable measure in which they can grow. Allow them to see the greater change in their lives and the true need requiring transformation.

If possible, give them the necessary tools to carry out that inner evolving greatness, bringing them the success they desire. People may accept or reject your advice, but that is neither here nor there. Your purpose in the life of others is to be an adviser, not a problem solver. This will release you from the weight of carrying other people's burdens.

After you have given those in need of help your vision, and the much needed tools for their growth to emerge, back away from the problem and give them space to achieve their own success on their own terms. Listen, the change in which we all need to grow must be carried out in a manner that is comfortable to us. So allow people the freedom of discovery with no conditions.

As for us, we must be willing to see life as an opportunity to learn, grow and recycle what we have learned and grown from. With the many challenges life can bring, it's best to see yourself as a funnel for change, and not a basket to hold difficulties.

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