Micropigs and Einstein's Eyeballs: What I Learned From Magazines This Week

Reading magazines this week, I learned that:

The average German owns 10,000 objects.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Albert Einstein's eyeballs are in a jar in a safe-deposit box.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Senator Lindsey Graham has said that having to choose between Trump and Cruz is like trying to decide between being shot and being poisoned.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Online porn is becoming de facto sex ed for many young people.
(Time, 4/11/16)

Self-driving cars could reduce traffic accidents by up to 90 percent.
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

Self-driving cars "will replace the romance of the open road with the romance of riding around in what amounts to a big iPhone."
(Rolling Stone,3/24/16)

Genome-sequencing company BGI plans to sell micro pigs, which are pigs who are the size of Corgis because their growth-hormone genes have been deleted.
(Departures, 1/16)

Maple syrup could help prevent Alzheimers.
(New York, 3/21/16)

The Who's Roger Daltrey, 72, identifies not as just a senior citizen but as a "wise wonderful wanker."
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

There are 105 self-driving cars registered in California. Seventy-three of them belong to Google.
(Rolling Stone, 3/24/16)

Feeling valued by a spouse is the most consistent predictor of how happy people are in their marriages.
(Prevention, 3/16)