How To Microplane Garlic: A Mincing Trick To Save Time, Fingertips

Why You Should Microplane Your Garlic

We know that you guys, like us, are always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen where you can. We're here to help your fingertips breathe a sigh of relief in the mincing department: garlic, meet microplane. Microplane, meet garlic.

We like to microplane garlic any time we want to get a really, really fine mince. In pasta sauces, soups and other places where the garlic will cook down for a long time, little chunks of garlic are more than okay with us (we love you, garlic!). But what about those times when the garlic will be only lightly cooked or raw? Microplane to the rescue.

You probably think of your microplane grater as a zester -- or maybe you use it for nutmeg or Parmesan. We especially like to use this garlic trick for dishes like guacamole, salsa and salad dressings. Those are the kinds of places we want the flavor of garlic, but don't necessarily want to know it's there.

Check out Top Chef Stephanie Izard's demonstration in this CHOW Tip video:

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