17 Micropoems To Give Your Soul A Lift In No Time

Take a Twitter poetry break in honor of National Poetry Day!
Hakan Jansson via Getty Images

Poetry, unlike most forms of writing, isn't typically defined by its length. Sure, there are haikus and epics, but the essential joy of poetry -- its celebration of the beauty of language -- has no minimum word count.

Which makes it perfect for a mid-afternoon, soul-nourishing break. It also, incidentally, makes it perfect for Twitter and other space-constrained mediums, like Instagram. While writers have experimented with Twitter fiction, micropoetry on Twitter -- #micropoetry -- has truly taken off. Check out the hashtag and you'll find a fairly constant stream of small, self-contained works of word art.

For the U.K.'s National Poetry Day (you can also see the celebration on Twitter), we've compiled some poems from Twitter that will make you stop and appreciate the beauty of life a bit more -- even if you only have a few moments to take a break from the daily grind. If you want to see more moments of poetic inspiration on a particularly prosaic day, you can always find more by searching #micropoetry.

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