Microsoft Surface Book 2 Hands On | A Creative's Dream Machine

Microsoft’s most powerful Surface laptop has been upgraded with powerful new internals, features, and hardware improvements. The Surface Book 2 is a dream machine for both creatives and consumers with a detachable tablet mode, studio mode, and view mode to use the Surface Book for a variety of different uses. The included Surface Pen allows for incredibly accurate and natural writing in addition to the touch screen and the new Intel 8th Gen Processors made for speedy and fluid editing with Adobe’s latest creative cloud software. Dedicated Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics cards (Up to 1060) ,16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD drives are available in both the 13” and 15” versions and both handled 4k editing in Premiere without any issues. As someone who owns and loves the original Surface Book, the new Microsoft Surface Book 2 brings some awesome new features and power to an already great computer.

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