The Trick To Cooking A More Delicious Hot Dog In The Microwave

Try it, you'll see.

There's a reason hot dog season peaks during the summer. Dogs taste their best when charred on the grill (especially when spiral cut). But hot dogs are a good, cheap and super easy meal any time of the year -- you just have to know how to cook them.

The quickest way to cook a dog is in the microwave -- it takes less than a minute. (Talk about home cooking at its easiest.) We know that microwaved dogs don't have the best reputation, but there is a way to make them taste great. Honest. You just have to know the trick.

The folks at Leite's Culinaria have shared an essential hot dog microwaving trick: a paper towel. To microwave a better dog, just wrap it in a paper towel before nuking for 30 seconds at 80 percent power. Covering it with a paper towel holds in the steam ensuring a plump, juicy dog. Easy and delicious.

If you've got more time on your hands than half a minute, check out Leite's Culinaria's other tips for cooking dogs indoors.

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