Mic's #69TheVote Video Has More Than A Few Boomers Upset

Ageism, like racism and sexism, just isn't funny.

Mic, a website that caters to millennials, has gotten some pushback from baby boomers over a tongue-in-cheek video it released that calls for young people to “#69TheVote” and encourage their elders to “try new positions.” The sexual innuendo-loaded video encourages young people to register and vote ― and takes a few potshots at boomers in the process, most playing off the theme that  older people don’t have sex or at least not a very imaginative variety. (Hey kids, ever think how you got here?)

The YouTube video notes that 69 million millennials are now eligible to vote and that 69 percent of 69 million baby boomers regularly cast ballots, compared with 46 percent of millennials.

“It’s time to ‘69 the vote.’ Boomers have always been on top,” the video says. “Sometimes it seems like they’re afraid to try new positions. But we’re ready to go down on history.” Yeah, yeah, we’re so not even blushing. 

But some boomers took issue with the ad. In comments posted to Mic’s Facebook page, they scolded the kiddies about the dangers of stereotyping. Ageism, after all, is just as bad and unacceptable as racism or sexism. And surely we didn’t raise you to be those things!

A few smacks upside the head were levied as well. Sorry, Mic, but no free (hall) pass on this one. Say you’re sorry or the trust fund goes away.



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